Driving Without a License Ticket Lawyer Bucks County

Going to work, picking the kids up from school, heading to the grocery store - in Bucks County getting behind the wheel is a necessary component of our every day lives.  Realistically, the majority of us do not live close enough to work to walk or take a cab, and, for many, a bus or train is not a realistic option. Maybe you forgot your wallet at home, or maybe it slipped your mind that your license needs to be renewed, either way, getting pulled over without a driver’s license is an expensive mistake that can carry costly penalties. License and registration are important to have and carry on you  at any time you are driving your car, and you are unlikely to receive leniency from the responding officer. A driver's license is an absolute necessity for driving in Bucks County. However, every day, drivers get stopped for Driving Without a License. Maybe your license expired, or maybe you simply never had one. Regardless of the reason, driving without a license is a big deal, and carries significant consequences. Whether you never had a license at all or your license is the wrong type needed for your driving purposes, you are going to need an attorney to mitigate the damage from this ticket.

Driving Without a License Facts

First of all, Driving Without a License is simply and firmly entirely disallowed within the Commonwealth. If you have no license at all - suspended or otherwise - you will definitely need an attorney to resolve this matter as your defenses will be minimal. If ticketed for Driving Without a License, there are two ways to avoid being charged:
  • (1) Produce a valid license within 15 days of the stop and provide it to the ticketing authority. They should rescind the ticket at this juncture.
  • (2) Proving that you had a valid license on the last day of the preceding driver's license period. If you can do this and claim that your license was lost, stolen, etc. then the ticket will be rescinded and you'll be issued a $25 fine.
But, if you never had a license, there is no such mechanism for you to avoid being charged. In most cases, driving without a license is less harmful than Driving While Suspended. In fact, in many cases, attorneys use driving without a license as a plea down for the driving while suspended violation. While this may lead you to believe that you can handle this ticket without the help of an attorney, keep in mind that attorneys have to carefully consider many factors before accepting this kind of plea deal.

 But There are No Points for This Violation, So Why Should I Fight It?

You are correct; driving without a license carries no points. And yes, while driving without a license is less harmful than driving while suspended, the consequences of driving without a license can still present serious issues to your driver’s license and your wallet. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has set the fine for a first offense of Driving Without a License to be at least $200.00 plus costs. Any subsequent offense carries increased fines. In addition, if you receive two driving without a license tickets within the span of five years, you face a mandatory six-month suspension of your license. Lastly, if you never had a license or are trying to get your license back, PennDOT has been known to reject applications for restoration or for a license based on the fact that you’ve been caught Driving Without a License before.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. our experienced Bucks County attorneys have handled all types of Driving Without a License issues from Milford to Solebury and everywhere in between at both the Magisterial District Court level and the Common Pleas level. While this may be a new experience for you, rest assured in knowing that we have successfully handled and routinely see situations just like yours. With offices in Southampton, we are ready to help this community stay on the road. When faced with a Driving Without a License ticket, hiring an intelligent and experienced defense attorney is a good first step in protecting your rights and your license. This content was written on behalf of Greg Prosmushkin.