Bucks County Speeding in a School Zone Ticket Lawyer

There are over 86,000 students in more than a dozen school districts throughout Bucks County. To ensure that these children get to and from school safely, Pennsylvania has designated certain areas as “School Zones” and has placed speeding restrictions in these areas during certain times. This is why local law enforcement and state troopers treat Speeding in a School Zone differently than normal speeding tickets, reflecting a rightfully placed concern for the safety of children. The penalty schedule for standard speeding tickets varies significantly depending upon the rate of speed. Fines can be minimal or quite costly, while license penalties can range from no-point violations to an automatic Suspension of License. While you may have simply missed the sign indicating that you are driving in a school zone, or were unaware you were approaching a school, if you are caught Speeding you will be ticketed for this offense and incur harsher penalties than for standard speeding infractions. The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. can help mitigate these penalties by representing you in court.

What Are the Consequences of Speeding in a School Zone?

For Pennsylvania drivers, the amount of points and penalties associated with standard speeding tickets depends on the speed. If you are only traveling 5mph over the posted speed limit, you will not receive points. School Zones are governed by signs and flashing lights that indicate the start point and endpoint of the school zone. When the lights are flashing, the speed limit is reduced to 15mph. If you exceed that speed by even 1mph, you can be stopped and issued a citation for Speeding in a School Zone. Unlike standard speeding tickets, if you are found guilty of Speeding in a School Zone you face three points for your first offense. Speeding anywhere from just 1mph over to 10mph over the posted speed limit will result in points issued against you. For a frame of reference, you face the same penalties for speeding 1mph over the limit in a school zone as you would if you were going 11mph over the limit in a standard situation. If you are convicted a second time of Speeding in a School Zone, you are faced with an automatic sixty-day suspension of your license. For comparison, you would have to be speeding by 31+ mph under normal point scheduling to be automatically suspended, and even that is only for fifteen days. Obviously, the law takes speeding in school zones very seriously, provided this significant discrepancy in points penalty between it and normal speeding.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., our experienced Bucks County attorneys have handled countless Speeding in a School Zone tickets from Council Rock school district to the Neshaminy school district and everywhere in between. You can rest assured in knowing that we have successfully handled and routinely seen situations just like yours. If you received a citation for Speeding in a School Zone, hiring an intelligent and experienced defense attorney is a good first step in protecting your rights and your license. Call today for a free consultation. This content was written on behalf of Greg Prosmushkin.